Injured Dog Amazes By Taking Self To Vet


The 6-year-old dog, Scooby, ran away from his owners when his collar ring snapped during a recent thunderstorm. As he was running across a road a vehicle hit him, injuring his leg and tail. Scooby then somehow walked miles to a local animal clinic and was waiting on the doorstep when employees arrived for work. “He obviously knew this was the place to get help,” Scooby’s owner Shirley Farris said. “There are subdivisions with hundreds and hundreds of houses between me and the vets office, there are three lanes and there is a mini mall. How he knew to take himself to the vet, I don’t know.”

Why Dogs Look Like Their Owners


Those who think purebred dogs look like their owners are barking up the right tree, but matching a mutt to its master is another thing, a study suggests.

Dr. Nicholas Cristenfeld, from University of California, San Diego, wondered if dog owners grow to look like their pooches, or if they pick them with purpose.

Research indicated that when people pick a dog, they look for one that, at some level, bears some resemblance to them. And when they get a purebred dog, they get what they want.
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Rescue Dog Saves Owner from Fire


When Gregory Gould adopted a dog from his friend’s neighbor, he thought he was getting a companion, not a savior. However, a savior is exactly what border collie/pointer mix Snickers became when he helped alert police after his owner had collapsed. Snickers is being honored as one of four 2013 inductees to the Purina Animal Hall of Fame, a list of pets and service animals that have saved human lives.

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